Is Working From Home Good For Employers and Employees? The Jury’s in…
There’s no doubt that the way we work has changed forever, thanks to that pesky pandemic. Two and half years later it feels like the world was turned upside down and a ‘shift’ took place. Remote work skyrocketed with the vast majority of white-collar workforce operating from the comfort of their own home. ‘WFH’ has […]
The best piece of recruitment advice I can give you.
My advice, particularly in this market, but really any market, is not to undercut your candidate at the offer stage. Offering someone under their salary expectation is not smart at all; it’s plain crazy. It has very serious consequences to the employer/employee relationship. Let me tell you why. This person is the most motivated they’ll […]
Unfilled Job Vacancies Are Costing Your Business
Unfilled Job Vacancies Are Costing Your Business This morning I was having a coffee with one of my recruiters and she was telling me that a senior manager she’s known for a few years was on the market again. My Accounting Recruiter piped up that she had just interviewed the Financial Controller from the same […]
Why My Staff Are Asleep On The Job
Well, they work hard. And often long hours. But the real reason they sleep in the office is because I’ve asked them to do it. I recently went to the workshop of Ahna de Vena, a sleep expert and was surprised by how much I learnt. Most people need 7.5 hours sleep a night no […]
I’ve Been Asked To Help A Few Of My Clients Create Their Recruitment Strategy Here’s What I Shared…
61% of recruitment firms expect to see increases in hiring demands over the next year, according to Bullhorn. 54% of business leaders also feel their hiring demands will increase, however, 77% of Australian CEO’s are concerned that their recruitment strategy isn’t strong enough. An effective recruitment and employer branding strategy is vital to a company’s success. When […]
The Top 10 Growth Roles In IT
The Australian Artificial Intelligence industry is predicted to be worth AUD 1,980 million in 2025, which is up from AUD 33 million in 2016 (a CAGR of 22% per annum). Frost & Sullivan research also predicts that more than 40% of high-routine and low-skilled tasks will be automated by 2030. One of the biggest reasons for the […]
Only 14% Of Your Staff Are Engaged At Work
Only 14% of your staff are engaged at work And this statistic includes your leadership team! Ouch. Well that’s according to a Gallup Poll taken in the last couple of years. A recent survey by LinkedIn is saying it’s more like 25%, but even that number is a worry.  Business owners I mix with felt […]
I Know What’s Driving You Crazy
Yes I really do! I hear it all the time from business owners and Human Resources leaders in Greater Western Sydney and I’ve lived the fragility of it myself. And you’re getting sick of hearing how important having a good culture is!  You already know that.  How do you actually create a good culture? How […]
Everyone’s Talking About…Being A Westie
Well not everyone, but our Premier Gladys Berejiklian certainly was last week when I attended the Western Sydney Business Connection State of the Region Address at the William Inglis Hotel in Warwick Farm. Gladys thinks it’s a great time to be a Westie. I do too. Here’s why… Our Premier has recently returned from an […]
Everyone’s Talking About…Working In Council
Here’s another big employer and it’s such a fascinating ecosystem  I thought I’d meet up with an employee of the Hills Shire Council and find out. I went straight to the top and met with the General Manager, Michael Edgar. First impressions of the offices are very modern, efficient and professional. There’s lots of natural […]
Everyone’s Talking About…Working At ResMed
We’ve been interviewing job seekers in the Norwest Business Park for 17 years and I’ve lost count of the number of people who show an interest in working for ResMed or Woolworths. They both have an impressive presence in Norwest, but they remain a bit of an enigma. What goes on in there? It’s like driving […]
Sydney’s Most Influential People
I feel pretty privileged to be spending a few hours with Fay Calderone one of Western Sydney’s most influential employment lawyers. Over the past 10 years Fay has become someone with a growing profile in the area and is a name on many people’s lips. Fay Calderone is a partner in the Employment & Workplace […]
Everyone’s Talking About…Cyber Security
We’ve seen a lot in the news surrounding cyber security recently especially during the massive shift to work from home during the Covid19 pandemic. You may remember there have been questions surrounding Zoom’s ability to provide a safe platform – so much so that Dropbox focused on it during its Hackathon last year. There are many reports on the skills gap within the […]
We Love To Hustle
Well it was only about 4 weeks ago that we surveyed employees of Western Sydney because we became interested in a trend we were seeing in interviews that more and more people had “side hustles”… We were fascinated by the results and we discovered back in those days (:-) ha ha). The main reason back in the day was all about fulfilment and personal development. We wrote a […]
What’s Keeping Business Owners Up At Night?
Is retaining your intellectual capital just as important as retaining your financial capital? Could it hit your bottom line just as hard?    After speaking with business owners, the common theme beyond the obvious financial concern is retaining their staff when this is all over. After a recent survey of our 65,000 local candidates, there is […]
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