Top 5 Tips for Retaining Your Top Talent

We recently conducted a survey among our employee database to gain insights into employees’ preferences and motivations when it comes to increasing their income. The survey results unveiled fascinating findings. Notably, 51% of respondents expressed their intention to explore new job opportunities, citing their belief that their current company either wouldn’t consider or wasn’t capable of providing a salary increase. Additionally, many employees expressed the sentiment that if their company truly valued them, they would be rewarded with an increase without having to request it.

In a market experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, it is crucial for businesses to take a proactive approach in engaging with their staff. Waiting until an employee presents another job offer may be too late, as they would already be mentally prepared to leave. In this article, we will delve into the implications of this trend for businesses and examine the reasons behind these decisions from the candidates’ perspective.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent:

The survey results clearly indicate that more than half of the candidates are actively considering leaving their current jobs in pursuit of higher-paying positions. This highlights the intense competition for talent in the job market. To remain competitive, businesses must adopt proactive strategies to attract and retain skilled employees who can contribute to their long-term success.

Importance of Competitive Compensation Packages:

One of the key factors driving candidates to seek new job opportunities is the perception that their current employers lack the capacity or willingness to provide substantial pay raises. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to regularly review and ensure their salary offerings are at current market value. By offering competitive compensation packages, companies can demonstrate their commitment to valuing their employees’ contributions and help retain top talent.


Unleashing the Power of Career Development:

Career growth and development opportunities are closely tied to employee satisfaction and engagement. The survey revealed that candidates often feel limited in their current roles, with limited prospects for advancement. By investing in training programs, mentorship initiatives, and clear career paths, businesses can create an environment that fosters professional growth. This not only enhances employee satisfaction but also reduces the likelihood of talented individuals seeking opportunities elsewhere.


Nurturing Employee Engagement:

Engaged employees are more likely to be loyal and committed to their organisations. Job satisfaction and engagement play a crucial role in determining whether employees will explore new job opportunities or remain loyal to their current employers. By cultivating a positive work environment, encouraging open communication, and recognising employee contributions, businesses can foster higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction, reducing the desire to seek higher-paying positions elsewhere.


Recognising Employee Loyalty:

While the survey results highlight a significant portion of candidates considering leaving for better pay, it is equally important to acknowledge the 49% who expressed their intention to ask their employers for a pay increase first. These individuals value loyalty, are content with their current positions, and enjoy their jobs. Businesses should appreciate and recognise the dedication demonstrated by these employees, as their loyalty can significantly contribute to a positive work environment and long-term success.


Understanding the factors that drive employees to seek new job opportunities is essential for businesses looking to attract and retain top talent. Factors such as competitive compensation packages, career development opportunities, employee engagement, and maintaining a positive employer brand are crucial in today’s evolving recruitment landscape. By acknowledging these considerations and taking proactive steps to address them, businesses in Western Sydney can enhance their ability to attract and retain high-quality talent. At Norwest Recruitment, we are here to support you in navigating these challenges and developing effective strategies to thrive in the ever-changing world of recruitment.


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