The Top 10 Growth Roles In IT

The Australian Artificial Intelligence industry is predicted to be worth AUD 1,980 million in 2025, which is up from AUD 33 million in 2016 (a CAGR of 22% per annum). Frost & Sullivan research also predicts that more than 40% of high-routine and low-skilled tasks will be automated by 2030.

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in artificial intelligence investment is the fact that AI and automation technology is helping companies move forward in leaps and bounds, especially in the IT industry.

True, it will change many IT jobs and make several roles redundant and 80% of Australian workers are already aware that their work is at risk from automation and technology. But it’s also creating new opportunities and exciting jobs that have never existed before.  

In fact, the Australian IT industry is expected to see a 14% job growth between now and 2030, according to TechWire.

Future Skillsets in Demand

There is hope for IT jobs where the human touch is valued and cannot be replaced by automation. Here are the top 10 roles that are expected to see high positive job growth despite AI, according to Forbes.

Artificial Intelligence Specialists
Australia is currently lacking in people who understand and can implement AI strategies. Employers are specifically looking for technology leaders (CIO/CTO, head of product, etc.) who know how to credibly manage teams made up of AI, data science and innovative product specialists.

Augmented Reality Designers and Developers
Companies are beginning to embrace augmented reality and machine learning programs, which has resulted in the demand for creative people who can design and develop applications that take advantage of these new chips and APIs.

Data Science Talent
Data scientists are in demand who have the skills to analyse deep data behind digital marketing strategies, inbound lead funnels and website CRO and UX. 

Mobile Application Development
Most consumers use mobile to make a purchasing decision. Thus, companies are under pressure to hire in-house mobile developers to create mobile apps and mobile responsive versions of websites. App developers are expected to be fluent in multiple programming languages, including Java, HTML5, Objective-C, C++, C#, Python and Swift.

Excellence in Cybersecurity
Given recent malicious hacking and cyber-security attacks, companies need to ensure they are protecting the data they capture behind the walls of their networks. Stakeholders are also becoming increasingly aware of cybersecurity concerns and therefore demanding companies address the issue by hiring more tech security specialists.

Talent for SaaS In the Cloud
Skills in cloud computing and SaaS are expected to rise in demand, as well as virtualisation skills in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware for private cloud hosting.

Ability to Adapt to New Tech
Employers need people who don’t just have strong IT skills, but also have a passion to learn and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. Thus soft skills will be almost just as important as technical skills.

Coding and Engineering Experience
Small and large companies are constantly coming up with new ways to build and use products and services that are more intuitive. As a result, an engineering mind and coding skills are now essential for the high-tech industry.

The impact of artificial intelligence and automation on the Australian IT industry is inevitable, so the best foot forward is to accept these changes and adapt. Jobseekers must investigate the skills of the future and ensure they can survive the changes and leaders should ensure their workforce has access to further learning and skill development courses.

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